Many Nigerians have been reacting angrily after a photo of a group of teenage girls smoking Indian Hemp, popularly called Igbo in these parts, surfaced on the social media.

The photo which has gone viral, shows the girls smoking the weed and seeming to enjoy themselves as they blew out the smoke from their mouths and nostrils.

According to some social media commenters, the girls are part of an all-girl cult gang whose stock in trade is to hang out enjoying themselves.

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Some Nigerians who abhor such things have been dishing out some harsh words for the girls but it seems they do not care.

Read some of the comments here:

Chioma Udeze

"What has this world turned into? To think that these girls have parents or guardians beats my imagination. To them, they are enjoying themselves not know they have sold their souls to the devil."

Tina Yembra

"Oh God, save us from this wasted generation. These are girls who are supposed to be in schools. Who did this to our youths?"

Rita Osime

"I wish one of these girls were my daughter.... She would regret ever being born. How could these young girls get to this level? God save us."

Emediong Umoh

"This is just appalling. I just can't believe these children have parents. It shows that family values have completely been thrown to the dogs."

Sifon Akpabio

"To these ones, they are enjoying themselves. What a big shame to their parents and the society."

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Ndubuisi Kalu

"This is a clear indication that we have all failed as parents in our duties to instill the right upbringing in our children. And to this that they are girls.... God save us."

Olamide Adetiba

"One day, these ones will get married. What a shame!"