Eghosa , who spoke at The Platform, a program organised by the Covenant Christian Center, spoke on the topic: First things first, growing the economy on something.

He said there is no data about Nigeria anywhere, adding that even the government does not know how much crude oil we produce.

The Professor chided governments of African nations for going cap in hand to advanced countries and asking them to come and help them develop.

Eghosa also stated that Nigeria is a poor country, saying that the total budget put together by Nigeria, is lesser than that of the New York City council.

He said “How can you build an economy when you do not have basic data. We need to find a way of getting basic information about our country."

‘How can you plan without data? For instance, there is more money in Nigeria lying in the hands of individuals than there is in the banks,’ he added.

Speaking further, he said “Nigerians believe wealth is not what you should work hard for. They believe it is only a matter of opportunity.

“Nigerian voters have turned themselves into a cheap commodity that is easily bought and sold.”

Wondering why Nigerians always think in terms of what they can get and not what they can give, the political science professor said there is a disconnect between the government and the people.

He described it as an endemic legitimacy crisis, adding that because we do not believe our leaders, we do not trust whatever they tell us.

Prof. Rev. Osaghae Eghosa is the Vice Chancellor, Igbinedion University, Okada