In a video obtained by Pulse, an official of the

As the Polio virus continues to spread in the north-eastern part of the country, efforts intensify in a bid to put an end to its damaging effect on the affected communities.

Explaining what the possible cause of the outbreak might be, the unnamed female official of the hospital says, “What we think is the cause of the recent spread of the polio virus is because most of the people that were in the no-go areas… those that we did not access to… they are recently coming into the state now.

“So most of them are not immunized… so it might be one of the reasons why the virus has resurfaced again.

“As long as the cases are not detected early, you know, it can spread. It’s oral… the affected person excretes it in his stool. So once [such thing] is not handled well, it can spread rapidly.”

Speaking further, she recommends Immunization as the best way to ensure the disease is not contacted by more people.

“I will advise the local people to go for their immunization. The house-to-house that is given is very important. In the mentality of people, it reduces childbirth. No, it has its importance, it’s not meant for that,” she says.

She then goes on to state that the local people should give room for those going on house-to-house immunisation to immunise their kids.

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According to her, in cases where someone below the age of fifteen suddenly loses the ability to walk, such instance should be quickly reported at the hospital, as this could signify polio.

She also confirms the presence of the WHO agents who says are on the ground to assist and to carry out research on ways to cease the Polio outbreak.

Also in a bid to clear out all cases of Polio, The Federal Government only recently released N9.8b to fight the outbreak of the disease in the North-Eastern part of the country.


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