Nicknamed Mama Boko Haram by locals, Barrister Aisha Wakil made headlines after the terrorists released a video showing the abducted Chibok schoolgirls.

The Nigerian Army immediately declared Wakil, journalist Ahmad Salkida and 'Peace Ambassador,' Ahmed Bolori.

In an exclusive interview with Pulse (video above) Aisha Wakil said these 10 interesting things about herself.

1. Aisha Wakil is from the South-East, precisely, Enugu state.

2. She was formally a Christian but converted to Islam after she married her husband, Wakil Gana who works with the Borno State High Court.

"What attracted me to embrace Islam is what attracts a fly to perch on a particular place. That is the behaviour – my husband. He is a very wonderful man and so I had to follow him and abide by whatever he wants," she said.

3. Aisha Wakil studied Law at the University of Maiduguri, Borno state.

4. She currently works with the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC), in Borno state.

5. While growing up, Aisha discovered that she had the 'gift of mediation.' She could settle disputes between people, even couples. She is currently into Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), an aspect of Law.

6. Aisha Wakil helped circumcise some members of the Boko Haram sect when they were kids. Her relationship with the sect members earned her the name 'Mama Boko Haram.'

7. Aisha Wakil was appointed a member of the Committee on Dialogue and Peaceful Resolution of Security Challenges in the northern region of Nigeria under the administration of former president, Goodluck Jonathan.

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8. Loved by many in her community, Aisha Wakil has been involved in several efforts aimed at restoring peace to the northeast. One of such was bringing the army and commanders of the sect together during the negotiation period.

9. Aisha has also assisted in the release of some abductees from the Boko Haram sect via phone calls to the leadership. This includes the release of over '30 Chibok girls.'

"I have released so many people that were kidnapped. I will just call them and say ‘you took my house girl or sister or best friend’ meanwhile I do not know these people and they would  be released," Aisha said.

10. Aisha believes insurgency would soon be over in Nigeria. She says her (Boko Haram) 'boys' are also aware of this fact.

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