50 extra-suspected lassa fever victims have been put in isolation in Ogun state.

Babatunde Ipaye, Commissioner for health, Ogun state during a visit to the , Ogun State on Saturday said that the number of primary contact the first lassa fever state in Ogun has increased from 60 persons to 110.

The first victim, 28-year-old lady is said to have travelled to Ebonyi for a burial ceremony, on getting back to Ogun state she stated showing symptoms of Lassa fever.

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These 50 extra-suspected victims were former patients at the two private hospitals in Otta the first victim used. The names of the hospitals are

The woman was brought into the with the body temperature of about 39. 8 degree centigrade.

According to , Ipaye said the Ministry carried out confirmatory tests immediately, and moved her to the isolation centre at the OOUTH, sagamu.

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“The increase in number of those under surveillance was due to the fact that those that have been on admission before and after the lady in question was brought into the two private hospitals have also been tracked down and put under surveillance.

“All the 110 persons have been given a thermometer each to monitor the level of their temperature with one Surveillance Officer attached to each of them,” Ipaye said.

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Ipaye added that the first 60 persons who were isolated are made up of health workers of the two private hospitals, and family members of the victim; 35 persons were from the first hospital, 22 from the second hospital and three of the victim’s family members.