A group of professionals in Nigeria under the aegis of 'Young Nigerian Professionals (YNP)', have commended President Muhammadu Buhari for his choice of ambassadorial nominees.

On May 12, 2020, the president sought the confirmation of the senate for the appointment of 42 nominees as career ambassadors to Nigerian foreign missions.

YPN describes the ambassadors-designate as "thoroughbred career diplomats who fit the definition of round pegs in round holes,” and “truly deserving" of their appointments.

In a statement signed by its Chairman, Charles Folayan, the forum said they were elated by the choice of these nominees, some of whom they had interacted with at Nigerian Missions abroad and found to be diligent, hard working and patriotic.

According to Folayan, the forum is confident that the handpicked nominees would deliver on the president's policies in the global arena after clearance by the senate.

“We can affirm that this list was carefully put together by the president in line with his foreign policy objectives.

"The nominees are seasoned diplomats, who have served in various countries with distinction; they are good men and women with the highest sense of commitment and responsibility. Wherever they have served, they were the darling of the Nigerian communities and their host officials," Charles noted.

“Of particular interest is I. A. Yusuf, a nominee from Kogi State with whom the forum had interacted at more than one Nigerian Mission abroad.

"We know him for his exemplary character, integrity and his positive disposition towards Nigerians in his host countries, especially the students and professionals. He offers help with ease, to anyone who demands help.

“In all our encounters, we noted that when Yusuf gives his word, he keeps it; he has an unflinching penchant for timeliness; and importantly he demands diligence and love for Nigeria from associates and those he works with, that whatever is to be done must be done in the national interest and must be done right.

“We believe that the ambassadors-designate will bring to Nigeria, the benefits of their abundant network of relationships across the world.”