The body adds weight, loses it, retains water, areas of the body expands etc, generally/simply the body ages as well. (It's the reason it should be well taken care of through the food you eat, exercises and generally keeping it in top shape so the process doesn't come as a shock or badly).

The body changes over the years, right from puberty with hormones raging and then finally 'relaxing' at a point. Some changes don't come as a total surprise while some do, some are not in the least bad (hello matured body!) while some are totally normal as they come with age!

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1. You get more dark circles under your eyes

When you hit your 30's dark circles become more prominent as the thin, delicate skin around the eye area get thinner and if regular attention isn't paid it gets worse, making the eye area look tired everytime.

If prone to under eye circles, ensure to use effective treatment; over-the-counter and home remedies to keep them under control.

2. Your flow becomes heavier

In the 30's studies reveal that menstrual flows come heavier for ladies especially if you've had a history of heavy flow. In some cases, this may not be a problem at all but if its becomes abnormal, it's better checked as it might be an indication of fibroid or other underlying health issue.

3. Weaker knees

In your 30's the knees get weaker and it gets worse when weight is not checked. Make sure to exercise often and keep weight in check.

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4. Coloured teeth

The teeth get less white as the years pass by, it's the reason oral hygiene should always be a priority.

5. Eyes become less white

The eyes become less bright and whiter as the years go by. Make sure to get them checked regularly.

6. Intense fine lines, wrinkles

Smile lines, wrinkles and more get a bit intense in the 30's, this is the best time to see dermatologist and use products that will benefit the skin.

7. ...But then better sex

Studies reveal in your '30's sex is better, more enjoyable and satisfying. As you grow older you get more comfortable in your skin which reflects in your choices down to your roll in the hay.