Indications are rife that the cure to skin condition, vitiligo may be on the horizon as scientists in Yale have suggested it could be cured with arthritis drug, tofacitinib.

Tofacitinib, which is currently prescribed for rheumatoid arthritis was administered to a 53-year-old patient with prominent white spots covering her face, hands, and body.

After 5 months it was found that the condition virtually disappeared, with only a few spots remaining on her body, and all had gone from her face and hands.

According to  Dr Brett King, principal investigator of the research at Yale University, the feat could be a huge step forward in the treatment of patients with this condition.

Dr King is now hoping to begin a wider clinical trial into the effectiveness of using tofacitinib or a similar medicine, ruxolitinib, for the treatment of vitiligo.

Professor David Gawkrodger, a spokesman for the British Skin Foundation Spokesperson, said the research was 'promising' but warned it was too soon for patients to be demanding Tofacitinib from their doctors.

The research was published in the journal JAMA Dermatology.