The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) has denied reports that it participated in negotiations with Boko Haram to secure the release of

International President of the ICRC, Peter Maurer made the comment on Sunday, October 16, during an event in Lagos.

Maurer said further that the ICRC simply received the girls from the sect and handed them over to the government.

“With regard to the Chibok girls, really, in the interest of the issue itself, let me just be very general and explain to you what the ICRC’s role in such context is. And this is not something which relates to the Chibok girls,” he said according to Punch.

“Basically, the ICRC does not negotiate these issues of hostage taking, issue of controversy between highly contrasting parties or religions. But if parties who have conflict have an agreement or are negotiating an agreement and they need the facilitation of the ICRC to execute that agreement and if it has a humanitarian impact, the ICRC is ready to play its role; we say the role of the good offices of the ICRC.

“So, we don’t negotiate; we help to execute the agreement because of our role as a neutral intermediary. It is in that role that 21 Chibok girls were handed over to us by the opposition Boko Haram armies to release to the government of Nigeria," he added.

The ICRC had also made a similar denial after the girls’ release on Thursday, October 13.

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The 21 girls were among over 200 abducted by Boko Haram on April 14, 2014.

Meanwhile, the government has said that negotiations are ongoing for the release of 83 more girls.