The town of Monguno in Borno State is said to be littered with corpses following an attack by Boko Haram insurgents.

The terrorists took control of Monguno on Sunday, January 25, after a fierce battle for supremacy with troops stationed there.

A fleeing resident, Babagana Modu told Punch:

“The pathetic thing is that our dead family members are allowed to lie on the streets without proper burial.”

“These bastards are treating us worse than animals, slaughter us and keep us on the streets and allowed the bodies to rot away without burial. Definitely these people are beasts and do not know any God,” he added.

Another resident, Yagana Mohammed, said that her husband and two children had been killed in the attack.

“I would have preferred to be killed with my dead husband rather than keeping the memory of the last day when he was slaughtered. The matter is worse that I would not be able to show his grave to my other surviving children,” she said.

“How would I explain to them when they grow up to know their right from left that their father was slaughtered and left to rot on the streets? Even a dog is treated better,” she added.

Monguno was invaded along with Maiduguri and Konduga during a three-pronged attack by the insurgents. The army successfully repelled the terrorists from the other two towns but lost in Monguno.