A recent study has confirmed that meat, especially red meat is not the healthiest thing for the body.

According to nutritional enzymologist, Dr. Okhiomah Abu, who was also one of the researchers, poultry products imported into the country contain toxic and heavy metals that could worsen the occurrence of food-borne diseases.

“Most of the feeds given to these poultry animals are usually contaminated and they contain metals. The heavy metals are concentrated in the kidneys and livers of the chicken. They also find them difficult to excrete, so they are passed along to humans who eat these imported meats." he said.

Prof. C.I. Alarima, another researcher said the study also shows that processed poultry products, especially chicken and turkey, were loaded with harmful microbes such as Salmonella, which have been linked with life-threatening food-borne diseases.

He added that Salmonella infection is the leading cause of food-related deaths among those who eat processed meats, furthermore "bacteria can provoke a number of symptoms of the disease within 72 hours of exposure and could last for four to seven days.”

Professor of Radiology at the University Teaching Hospital, Enugu, Ifeoma Okoye, also blamed increasing intake of processed foods, which are loaded with toxins, for the increasing incidence of cancer.

She further noted that many processed foods, such as instant noodles or spaghetti made with refined white flour chips and candies contain carcinogenic compounds, which are usually the root cause of cancer.

Okoye also pointed out that adults are not the only ones at the risk of the dangers of processed meals as parents now load their childrens' meals with processed foods such as biscuits and snacks made from processed flour.

She linked this to the increasing incidence of childhood and teenage cancers.