Former Vice-President, Atiku Abubakar has said that he will rule for one term if elected for President in 2019.

Atiku told ThisDay that he is ready to sign an undertaking to prove to Nigerians that he will keep his word.

He said “I would! I have said this before on my own initiative. I believe in it. If I am elected as the President in 2019, I give an undertaking that I would only do one term.

“Having said that, let me remind Nigerians that Buhari also gave such an undertaking in 2011, but he is not living up to it today. My own case will be different. I am prepared to sign an undertaking to do only one term.”

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“I am not Muhammadu Buhari. I do not make promises I cannot keep. I am assuring Nigerians that I will keep this promise. I am making it out here in the open. I am willing to sign a written document. If you or any other Nigerian can come up with an iron-clad legal document that binds me, I am willing to publicly commit to it,” he added.

Atiku Abubakar had earlier promised to end Boko Haram attacks if he is elected as President in 2019.