Former Governor of Anambra state, Emeka Ezeife, has described Aisha Buhari’s ‘outburst’ as a divine inspiration.

He said the First Lady has done Nigerians a lot of good by boldly exposing the things going on in her husband’s administration.

Mrs. Buhari, in an interview with BBC,told the whole world that some people who did not work for Buhari to get to power have hijacked his government.

That statement must have infuriated Mr. President, who was in Germany at the time, causing him to fire back, saying his wife belongs to his kitchen and living room.

According to Daily Post, Ezeife said “I have read some reactions already. I think in my judgment, the lady, Aisha, has done a great favour for both Buhari and Nigerians. For Buhari, she has let people know that what is happening in government is not all Buhari’s fault.

“Anybody who takes what is happening in government as order from Buhari will not have much respect for him because what is going on doesn’t reflect intellect or even conscience.

“But now, we know that the people who are controlling the affairs of the country are not the people Nigerians gave their mandate to. Buhari cannot be as poor in judgment as what we are seeing happening from the seat of power.”

Presidential spokesman, Garba Shehu, later dismissed comments that Buhari disrespected his wife, saying the President was merely joking.