Aisha Buhari, wife of the President and First Lady of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, won’t be confined to “the Kitchen, the living room or the other room”, whatever her husband, President Muhammadu Buhari, says.

You can’t keep a pretty, ambitious woman down, even if you are President of the most populous black nation on earth, it appears.

As guest of a Radio show last weekend, host Stanley Azuakola, wondered why no one had heard from Ms. Buhari since her husband told the world media that:  "I don't know which party my wife belongs to, but she belongs to my kitchen, and my living room and the other room."

According to Azuakola, Ms. Buhari’s comments were ample testaments that she was standing by criticisms of the composition of her husband’s cabinet.

She had also alleged that a cabal has since seized her husband’s presidency, much to her chagrin.

The world has waited for Aisha Buhari’s first comments since her husband dismissed her concerns in Germany, while he stood beside the most powerful woman in the world in German Chancellor, Angela Merkel.

Well, the wait is over.

Ms. Buhari has just sent out the following tweet, complete with pictures of her very pretty self. May we add that her outfit is one to die for as well?

“Heading to Brussels to attend a forum where I will be giving the opening remark on "Women's Role in Global Security", Aisha Buhari tweeted moments ago.

You go, girl!!!

Let’s break it down—Ms. Buhari will be delivering a keynote address on “Women’s Role in Global Security.” She’ll be up there on that stage addressing other powerful women in the world.

And they’ll all be eating from her palms!

Here comes the new powerful public speaker on global concerns!

Kitchen, bedroom and the other room, be damned!