Deciding on a place to travel for honeymoon after the going through the hassles of planning your wedding could be very tasking for both brides and grooms.

But you can start by narrowing down your options, then going through the ones on your list and finally picking the most suitable for you and your future spouse.

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Several factors including including money, work schedules , weather conditions of the spot you wish to visit should be put into consideration too.

So, for couples wishing to leave home for somewhere fantastic but are confused on choosing the perfect honeymoon spot, here are some locations listed below.

The places were ranked according to Google's most searched honeymoon spots in one year.

10. Croatia

9. Caribbean

8. Tahiti

7. St. Lucia

6. Belize in Latin America

5. Thailand

4. Bali

3. Maldives

2. Cancun

1. New Zealand