If you met someone amazing and youd love to be with them, you should not let anything come between you both, right?

Even if they have a child or two, you might still want to proceed into a relationship with them and that's just totally adorable, really.

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Before you get into that relationship, though, these are the things you should be prepared for:

Their defenses will be up

Nothing brings out a person’s protective instincts more than the presence of an offspring.

They have not just themselves to watch after, but their kids, too, so do not expect a head-over-heels kind of love like you might have experienced with other people in the past.

Once a single parent notices that you may not be good with their kid or you’re not really stepmom or stepdad material, the relationship may not progress to anything more meaningful than a physical relationship.

You won’t be priority

Single parents apparently had their lives going before they met you, and you cannot expect them to drop everything just because they met you.

Their kids, responsibilities, job and all that will still be heavy on their mind even after they meet you.

Watch out for the ex

You will also have to live with the [constant] presence of the ex who cannot be cut out because of his/her interest in the kids.

Be ready to have them around, maybe a few times more than you’d like.

The friends and relatives

The single parent’s loved ones will definitely be on the lookout for people who might feed on their vulnerability.

So, a little resentment and aloofness at the beginning of the relationship from close friends and family is not totally out of place.

You should be ready to win their trust and acceptance by being totally good with your single-parent partner.

Don’t be too eager to meet the kid

Many single parents know that their kids are a vulnerability of theirs that might be exploited.

Therefore, try very hard to temper your eagerness to meet the kid so as not to appear as someone too eager to please or someone looking for a shortcut to the mother's heart.

Meet her on a personal level. get to know her biggest fears and concerns, let her share her dreams and hopes, flirt with her...

However, you should show genuine interest in the kids and charm them when you finally meet them.

Don’t give up if the kids don’t like you

As much as you want the kid or kids on your side, they are not your primary focus.

So, do not give up if they do not take to you instantly. Children are easily swayed, and with time, you will have them on your side.

So, do not drop your interest in the mom just because the kids do not like you.