For the bride-to-be and everyone involved in planning a wedding, the need to achieve the best results is always very real.

Most times, the failure of wedding ceremonies is due to the failure to get things done at the right time. Some things are done too early, and in most cases, some are left till it's too late.

The four tips below explain how to correctly arrange the steps and stages of planning a successful wedding .

1. Hiring a planner comes first

If you wish to involve a professional wedding planner in preparing for your wedding ceremony, it is wise to do that first.

A planner needs to be involved from the very beginning, so if there is a desire to involve them at all, it is a rule that they should be the first to get on board before ANY other decision is made - major or minor

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2. Procrastinating on booking key vendors

Brides also make the mistake of waiting too late to book important vendors, which is a terrible mistake especially at high seasons, such as December or when there isn't any threat of rain.

If your wedding is in peak season and you wait too long, you may miss out on the best vendors and end up settling for less than you desire for your big day.

3. Videographers are as important as photographers

A videographer is just as important as a photographer, so brides need to pay attention to booking one just as early as they pay attention to getting a photographer.

4. Don't concentrating on small details first

Making a decision on stuff like wedding colours and linens should come after you've already contracted a venue and caterer.

It does not make much sense to focus on the small details first. Most important to least important - that should be the order of wedding planning.