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While there isn't too much context offered in the short clip, this appears-at first glance, anyway-to be an epidermoid cyst, judging by its location, and the thick, yellow-ish discharge that Dr. Lee squeezes out.

What are epidermoid cysts?

Epidermoid cysts are typically small, round benign bumps that are plugged by a single, tiny blackhead, according to the Mayo Clinic . They're often filled with dead skin cells. and are extremely common. Epidermoid cysts often occur when protein-keratin-gets stuck under the skin and builds up, according to Healthline . (If you're in the mood for another, more dramatic example, you can check out this video that the doctor posted earlier this month.)

How do you treat an epidermoid cyst?

Most of the time, you can just let nature take its course-they'll go away on their own if you're patient enough. But if time is of the essence (like, say, your wedding is around the corner) you can also see a professional to have it drained, although this may increase the likelihood of the cyst growing back.