Going on a group trip is good for

If you're planning a group trip and are reading this article, it has probably gotten to the point of pulling out your hair. Good luck!

1. The Houdinis

Almost all your friends will be interested in the idea of going on a trip, but once the actual planning begins, especially when prices are being presented, people will go, "Oh, sorry i can't make it."

2. No-one can agree on one date

It can take months to agree on a date, because everyone is constantly "busy" with work.

3. Whatever you want, but not really

People will have strong feelings about your plan and might strongly suggest their ideas. However, there will be those that will say, "whatever you want is fine," but will hate everything you bring up. It will make you want to pull out your hair.

4. You're definitely doing ALL THE WORK

Just forget about everyone helping out, especially if you are the originator of the plan.

5. Are you leaving someone behind?

This almost always happens. You'll either completely forget to invite someone, you'll leave them out on purpose, or you'll end up being forced into picking a weekend they can't attend. You'll feel bad eventually because you'll be hurting their feelings and they'll let you know that you are.

6. The over-complainer

There will be that one person that will complain about everything from the flight to the rooms booked, especially when you're already on the trip.

7. Someone will drop out at the last minute

There's that person or people that will drop out at the very last minute and mess up everything. If you ask, there's hardly a legitimate reason. It's usually because they're "broke," or because they changed their mind, or because something better came up.

8. ...Making everyone reconsider going

The last minute drop out usually means bills will rise and plans can be scattered. Other people in the group might also say they don't want to go anymore, so try not to be too frustrated.

9. The I'll-let-you-knows

At least one person will wait till the last minute to confirm if they are actually going. Before that they'll be all "I'll let you know..."

10. You will feel responsible if someone isn't having fun

This is the worst, because it makes you not have fun and then, what's the whole point of the trip?