As the Rio 2016 Olympics progress, Volleyball has reportedly become one of the hottest sports to watch considering the eye watering display its been so far.

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The tickets are selling fast as the ladies put on an epic performance for their fans but that's just half the fun.

The players turned up in a colourful mix of sport bras and matching bottoms, bound to keep anyone glued for a long time.

The games which was declared open on Saturday, August 6, 2016, has been promising so far despite all the foreseen hitches.

The Volleyball players hit the world renowned Copacabana Beach for their matches with the Australians taking the lead and standing out in the yellow and turquoise blue sports wear.

Other teams including USA, Canada, Costa Rica, Spain and Argentina weren't left out of the colourful display of red, black, white, blues and more.

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The games, widely engaging, was also a brilliant burst off colourful, leaving the watchers beyond thrilled.

See photos from the games so far in photo gallery above.