In honour of Black History Month,

Standards of beauty are changing, and this change was brought about by strategic moves by people in media. Now, Glam Africa is choosing to be part of that change, by featuring conversations with women of colour tell stories about staying true to who they are and loving themselves in the face of adversities and tough beauty standards.

These nine women talk about what it meant to grow up in black communities with vitiligo, alopecia, burn scars, darker skin and with what people call "uncoventional type of beauty".

Meet some of the women.

Hannah Olateju

With a large following of over 100,000, there is no stopping this beauty influencer. Though she had four of her limbs cut off at just two years old after contracting meningitis and gangrene, Hannah Olateju proves that she is only differently-abled and not disabled in any way, using makeup and fashion to inspire women all around the world.

Hodhen Liaden

Founder of Dark-skinned Hijabis, Hodhen Liaden hopes to inspire darker-skinned Muslim girls to love their bodies, skin and religion.

Eva Khyne Sam

Diagnosed with vitiligo in her 20s, Eva Khyne Sam continues to spread positive vibes to other people suffering from vitiligo by being a model who has been featured in a winning image for Portrait of Britain.

Nikky Odutayo

Losing your all your hair at only 21 can be tough but Nikky Odutayo came out strong. A pastor, mental health advocate and motivational speaker, she counsels young people to not give up hope no matter the condition.

Jacqueline Ilumoka

Uniquely created with striking features, Jacqueline Ilumoka learnt to love her features in spite of the criticisms she faced as a young girl. Now, she uses her platform as an international model and marketer to propagate self-love.

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Featured clothing brands: Pretty Little Thing,RR Collections, Nubian Skin

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