Best gym apps for beginners

Be informed that there are apps that bring out your competitive side by motivating you to work out.

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Why a mobile app?

Appropriate for you to know is that mobile apps are ideal assistance for health, fitness, and weight-loss because they are always with us. And they're quite personal as well. It is true that maintaining fitness requires daily habits and lifestyle changes; with this in mind, it becomes easier to know that a few little nudges in the right direction from your mobile phone might actually make the difference.

Also, there are other apps that bring out your competitive side by motivating you to work out. Strava is a precise example. This app which is a running and bicycling app lets you compete against every other person who has signed up to use it. The app collects everyone's routes and times, breaks them into segments, and tells who is the fastest. And should it happen that you're the fastest on the road, everyone using Strava near you will know it. That sounds like fun right?

So, why not grab your phone as we hit the app store together for some awesome fitness apps.

Different types of fitness app

1. SWORKit (Free)

SWORKit is one app that allows you to pick the type of workout that you would like; be it cardio, yoga, or stretching. You can also choose the amount of time you would like to work out anywhere from 5 minutes to 60 minutes. All exercises are done using your with consideration to your body weight.

2. FitStar (Free)

FitStar is an app that creates for you customary workouts based on your fitness level. When you start doing a few workouts with the app, you give it feedback as you go about which exercises were too tough, too easy, or just right. The app then uses that information to create a routine that challenges you in all the right ways.


GARMIN FIT  uses the GPS tracker on your phone to track your speed, distance, and elevation. Also, it calculates how many calories you've burnt using your weight, height, and age. And in other to make your workout interesting, the app makes it possible for you to listen to your own music while you run.

4. JeFit (Free)

The JetFit app is a wonderful app. But more wonderful it is for those who are new to weight equipment. And this is because the app is composed of workouts submitted by professional trainers that are easy for you to access. All you need to do is put in your fitness goals, and what level of fit you are and several options will pull up for you to choose from.


This app helps you take the stress out of weight loss by tracking how many calories you've eaten without having to crunch the numbers yourself. It also monitors what you eat using the barcode scanner or by searching the database of more than three million foods. The magic of this app is indeed wonderful.

6. Map My Run (Free)

Just as the name implies, ‘Map My Run’ helps track your speed and mileage. It is a great one for those that are just getting started in the fitness circle. Because through it,   you know how far you've gone and how fast you did it! Map My Run makes it possible for you to see how much you’re improving. It will also save all your workouts so you can look back and see where you started.


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