She was flowing in the void between sleep and sleeplessness. She usually explored her most unusual fantasies in this state, frequently finding herself wet when she finally emerged to full consciousness.

This morning’s dream had only just started when she was rudely awoken by her insensitive sibling of a flatmate banging the front door. Why she had ever decided to move in with him was a mystery to her and she was counting the weeks until she could afford to get her own place.

Until then she did at least have the advantage of watching his male friends come and visit and it was one of these that had been the subject of this morning’s dream.

The friend in question had spent the night on the sofa after the two of them had been out drinking last night. She heard them come home in and she assumed they had now left for their regular weekend football practice, leaving her the luxury of an empty flat. Bayo was by far the nicest of her brother’s friends and she had been flirting with him on and off for a few weeks now, partly because he was rather gorgeous and partly just to annoy her brother.

Kemi let her thought drift back to her dream and the still fresh images of his semi-naked body filled her mind as her fingers gently caressed their way down and began to softly stroke the damp flesh between her thighs. She conjured images of him undressing, revealing parts of him that she had never seen but frequently imagined.

Kemi's finger slipped between the wet folds of her flesh and she pictured his hard muscular thighs as his jeans were tugged down leaving him fully exposed. She closed her eyes, willing the dream world to return and letting her imagination direct the action as her hands provided the physical stimulation her body required.

She cupped one of her breasts, squeezing her already swollen nipple hard between two fingers, feeling the usual electric ripples of pleasure racing through her as if wired directly to her pussy.

Her thighs clamped around her other hand briefly, unconscious response to the pleasurable sensations filling her. Her fingers moved independently, their practiced movements maintaining the first flush of arousal with ease and building on it, parting her lips and easing towards her clit. She moved slowly, her fingers tracing lazy circles around it, careful not to press too hard too soon in case she gave in to her physical needs and forgot the fantasy sustaining it.

To be continued...