For most men, sexual abstinence is not a happy choice; at most, it can only be a compulsion brought on by stress, sickness, and sagging body parts.

Men like to get it up, get on with it, and get done with it whenever.

But, there are men, who take a sabbatical from sex, and no, this has nothing to do with any physiological reasons. And for these men, sex is not a stress buster but something that adds to it. So here's why a man may not be interested in sex.

1. Might not be into you at the moment

He’s not into you at the moment… he’s into someone else… you can take this literally or metaphorically depending on your relationship with him.

2. He's been selfish

He doesn’t need anyone but himself to enjoy anymore… that should be an easy one to figure out!

3. Gadgets have lowered his libido

Laptops, iPhones, and all that radiation have lowered his libido.

4. Time to service the equipment

After all, you can’t take junior for granted, and not make any allowances for his occasional dips. He can’t be high and hard every time.

5. He's been on a sexual spree

If the man’s been on a sexual spree of late, maybe this is his way of telling himself to slow down lest the peaks give way to intervals. He would like his performances to always peak.

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