Psquare has had a glorious music career spanning over a decade.

The group has had successful albums and numerous chart topping singles. It has influenced the music industry and moved the culture forward with heavily melodious songs and sublime production.

It wouldn't be much of an understatement to say that the twins, Peter and Paul Okoye are pop giants.

With six LPs to its credits, Pulse ranks Psquare's albums starting from its first effort to its latest body of work.

1) Game Over (2007)

This album can best be described as three times the charm. In its third outing, Psquare delivered a classic body of work. The name of the project signalled the group's intent.

Game Over was choked with mega-hits such as 'Do Me' featuring Waje, 'No One Like You', 'More Than A Friend', 'Am I Still That Special Man?', 'Ifunaya', and 'Roll It'. Psquare struck gold with this album.

With hypnotic melodies and standout smooth production, Psquare established itself as A-list. This album can still rock any Nigerian party hard. By this time, Psquare had confirmed yet again that it had the formula to craft successful pop numbers that millions of Nigerians would dance to again and again.

Many critics and fans consider this album to be the finest work of Psquare's illustrious career. Not only is the group's best, it was one of the best pop albums in Nigeria over the last decade.

2) Get Squared (2005)

Psquare came out with all guns blazing on their second effort. This was the first album released under its label, Square Records. It was two times hotter than its debut. Peter and Paul Okoye placed a huge bet on themselves and they succeeded. The album was intense and made no apologies about what it was-a pop album created solely to entertain the masses and sell units.

The group claims this album moved 5 million copies in the country alone. While there is no credible data to confirm or deny this, we must all admit that this album was one of the LPs that ushered a brand new pop scene in Nigeria.

Songs such as 'Bizzy Body', 'Get Squared', 'Say Your Love', 'Temptation', and others were pop rockets that took Psquare from J-Town transplants to celebrity musicians. The album earned them a 5 award haul at the Hip Hop World Awards in 2006, then a huge record in the music industry.

3) Danger (2009)

The stakes were at the highest this time around for Psquare.

After dropping the classic 'Game Over' which came after the highly successful 'Get Squared' album, the music industry thought Psquare couldn't do it again. This was at a time when Peter and Paul Okoye were criticized for borrowing heavily from western R&B songs.

It felt Psquare was going to struggle after the bumpy release of the lead single 'Danger'. Fortunately, the album gained momentum. Powerhouse singles like 'I Love You', 'Possibility' featuring 2face Idibia, and 'E No Easy' proved to nay sayers that the group Psquare was going nowhere.

4) The Invasion (2011)

By this time, Psquare were pop giants in Nigeria's music landscape. The problem at this time was the game has been overtaken by new pop acts spearheaded by a certain Wizkid.

For all the doubts placed on them, Peter and Paul Okoye delivered yet again. With a young May D at its side, Psquare dropped hit after hit, 'Chop Money' featuring May D, 'Beautiful Onyinye',  and 'Bunieya Enu' to reassert its top position in the game.

Psquare went the extra mile on this album, and proved to all the pop pretenders that it still had the clout. International music stars, Akon and Rick Ross would jump on the remix of 'Chop My Money' and 'Beautiful Onyinye' respectively.

5) Last Nite (2003)

The foundation of Psquare's musical success can be found in its debut album. Love ballads and glittery pop tracks make up the first effort from Peter and Paul Okoye.

Compared to other albums in its amazing discography, the achievements of this album are modest but it sets up Psquare for world domination two years later. You can still pick gems to listen to on this album including the title track and the love song 'Senorita'.

6) Double Trouble (2014)

Marred by the in-fighting between the two brothers, 'Double Trouble' might be Psquare's least impactful album. Don't let the gossip about their private lives take away from the fact that is a very solid album. In all honesty, Psquare has never had a bad album.

Double Trouble was a more artistic effort from the duo. The album had pop bangers like 'Shekini', and 'Collabo', the 80s throwback single 'Ejeajo' featuring America rapper T.I and the country influenced single 'Bring It On' featuring Dave Scott showed that Psquare were not chasing the crowd on this one.