Modenine is arguably one of the greatest rappers who ever did it, and his recently released Long Story Short EP, a collection of singles recorded far back as eleven years ago with hip-hop producer Kid Konnect is a timely reminder of his legacy.

Hip-hop is having a coma moment in the Nigerian music scene, with the fans putting the blame on the rappers, who have turned singers and also blame the fans for failing to support the genre.

So it is worth celebrating when we have a 'new' body of work from the rap god in 2018, even though its just a 5 track project from a man whose albums hardly ever go below the 20 track mark.

Following the release of his last studio album, Insulin in 2016, Modenine had promised never to drop an album again in Nigeria, but apparently spotting a vacuum, the Mathematical Sege whose music has never been for everyone decided to drop this body of work with the aim of getting his fans excited once again.

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Long Story Short is a showcase of everything the rapper stands for, as he goes against the tide in an industry where lyricism no longer holds sway.

With the opener, Victory, Modo makes a slow entry that gradually builds momentum with every line, this is Modenine at his calmest, delivering his bars over a mad sampling orchestrated by Kid Konnect.

For anyone who has been following Modo, most of the lyrics especially on the second verse will sound familiar, but it doesn't water down the acidic edge as he warns, ''Don't battle me cause I am a National grid, you just a Tiger battery, verbally this is battery.

Bring It Back sees Modo switch up the delivery as he takes a stroll down memory lane, telling the story of how it all started and people he met on the way.

Modo wants the old days back, the days when it was all love, but ironically he is one of those that has had fingers pointed in his direction for holding a grudge.

The joint is basically History 101 for the present generation of Nigerian rap fans as he rolls out names of veterans like SwatRoot, Ruff Rugged and Raw, El dee XL, Trybesmen, Thoro Breds and Intrudah.

Modo summons his anger on Make it happen, as he rhymes, ''Before I used to smile and take it in good faith, but these days its getting too much, are we safe nah? sometimes I feel underpaid, Organizers lie on the bed charity made''.

The second verse tells the tale of his glorious era from touring Germany to winning the Channel O music awards.

All the way is the original version of the song that was officially released a year later titled, ''Talking to you'' as a single off the 2008 album Paradigm Shift, which served as his decoy diss song to fellow rapper, Ruggedman.

The EP closes on a bragging note with My Life, where he reminds all that he is not subservient, delivering a potent rhyme fest.

As we have come to expect, there is no sunny path on this project as all Modo brings is bars upon bars, serving a reminder of the skills he possesses and the generation he belongs to.

To cut the Long Story Short, KidKonnect is a god on the keys while Modenine remains a purist, and even though this was recorded many years ago, like fine wine, it extends his legacy as only a handful of recent projects can match up to this lyrically and in carrying the genre on its back.

Rating:  4/5


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