Major Lazer recently put out the mixtape,

Burna Boy's prowess behind the microphone is quite well- famed, project after project, single after single, Burna keeps reinventing his art and producing something special.

Much earlier in the year, Burna had released the body of work, ''Outside'', a critically accepted project that birthed the monster hit, 'Ye'.

'Ye' is a drug he has shared en-masse without any form of prescription or antidote and many have willfully overdosed off it, consuming the anthem in every manner possible.

But having succeeded in clearing my head of the hangover of 'Ye', Burna Boy teams up with international group Major Lazer on this one he calls 'All My Life' to drag me back into a state of incurable stupor.

'All My Life' doesn't deviate too far from the Burna we are used to, but it is in no way any less specially delivered.

His half-chant and partly clouded lyrics at first listen is welcoming, while the flow is quite irresistible, with production on this one so subtle, yet brilliant.

Burna then begins to tell his story, ''Before I turned 21, I was already savaged out'', it felt at times like he had a yearning to get people to understand where he was coming from, to see how he has managed to become the man he is today, a grown man who has made mistakes, who has gone through a lot but who is finding his path.

Burna Boy's feature for SSENSE
Burna Boy's feature for SSENSE

Well augmented by the melancholy minor chords and subtle but brilliant production, Burna directs his lyrics at a number of issues, refusing to dwell too much on any and finds a spark in the melody which settles close to classic seventies dancehall tunes styled in modern vibes.

'All My Life' is by no means Burna's most defining effort in a while, but it is yet another reminder of his outstanding and inimitable ability on a record.

Burna has survived a trail of controversies, but it seems quite clear that he is taking positive steps in the right direction and expanding his career, with this collaboration with the American Electronic Dance music trio bound to expand his reach and stylistic varierty.

His songs are as good as his talent deems it, the spotlight is back on him and this is indeed the place where he has waited for all his life.