Who remembers watching Hilda Dokubo, Justice Esiri, Liz Benson among others in the emotional unforgettable movie "Hour of Grace."

The movie revolves around (Justus Esiri) and Azuka (Hilda Dokubo), a couple who have been married for over 10 years without a child.

Azuka pleads with her best friend Helen (Liz Benson) to be a second wife to her husband so that her husband would finally get the chance to become a father.

Things take a different turn when Helen becomes her enemy in her own house.

We all know how things like this go, the supposedly good friend steals husband, maltreats first wife and make the viewers cry like it were real.

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The movie has the "wicked step mother" and "False accusation" thrope. Hour of Grace featured Justice Esiri (of blessed memory), Hilda Dokubo (who is popular for teary movies), and Liz Benson ( who was once one of our favourite on-screen wicked friend and step mother).

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What do you remember about the movie? Watch clip from movie below;