How much do you know about hit AMC zombie TV series

We have put together 10 questions only true fans of show will remember and get accurately.

Here we go;

1. Who was the first Walker we saw on show?

a)  Bicycle Girl Zombie

b) A hospital patient

c) Deputy Leon Basset

2. In what season does Beth Greene die?

a) Season 5

b) Season 6

c) Season 4

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3. What was Gleen's Job before the breakout

a) Pizza delivery guy

b) Mechanic

c) Computer programmer

4. Who killed Shane in "The Walking Dead" TV show?

a) Rick

b) Gleen

c) Lori

5. In what season does Maggie announce her pregnancy?

a) Season 6

b) Season 5

c) Season 2

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6. Who killed Dawn?

a) Daryl

b) Rick

c) Beth Green

7. Who killed himself while out with Gleen in the sixth season?

a) Nicholas

b) Noah

c) Lori

8) What was Rick's occupation?

a) Police Officer

b) Teacher

C) Mechanic

9) Who was the first person to call the zombies walkers?

a) Morgan

b) Rick

c) Daryl

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10. Who used the popular "we the Walking Dead" line?

a) Rick

b) Daryl

c) Negan

Check out answers below.

1 (A), 2 (A), 3 (A), 4 (A), 5 (A), 6 (A), 7 (A), 8 (A), 9 (A), 10 (A).

Watch a "Walking Dead" clip below.