From the days of "Submisson," "Behind Closed Doors," "When God Says Yes," Stella Damasus has always been a delight to watch on screen.

She is beautiful, talented, and an award winning actress, what's not to love about her?

How much of a fan are you? Take this Pulse Quiz and prove your knowledge of actress.

Check answers below;

1. Which of these movies doesn't star the actress alongside Richard Mofe Damijo?

a) Affairs of the Heart

b) Engagement Night

c) When God Says Yes

d)  To Rise Again

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2. In which of these movies did actress make her acting debut?

a) Abused

b) Submission

c) Abandoned

d) Elastic Limit

3. Which of these movies starred actress as a blind woman?

a) Real Love

b) Games Women Play

c) Games Men Play

d)Behind Closed Doors

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4. Which of these movies doesn't feature actress?

a) Games Men Play

b) Never Say Goodbye

c) Face of a Liar

d) The Intruder

5. Which of these movies featuring actress is a 2015 film?

a) Affairs of the Heart

b) Four Sisters

c) Wheel of Change

d) A Place Called Happy

Answers: (1) A. (2) A. (3) A (4) A. (5) A.

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