Yomi Black has become a trendsetter with the debut of "Sunday and Lolade," a compilation of various skits featuring Kiki Omeili and Yomi Black.

As "Sunday and Lolade" premiered on Friday, February 10, 2017, Black became the first Nigerian ever to debut a collection of funny skits in the cinema - for a comic, it’s a monumental feat.

“Sunday & Lolade” is a comedy series story about a middle-class couple based in Lagos state Nigeria.

The man Sunday is a good-hearted man who really wants the best for Lolade, but somehow never says or does the right things.  Lolade, on the other hand, is an overzealous and dramatic lady who is in love with Sunday despite all his flaws.

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When asked the inspiration behind the series of skits, Black simply pointed at his wife, a response that leads to an eruption of laughter among the audience during a screening of the movie at Genesis Cinemas.

The scenarios presented in the 40-minute production seem cliché and exaggerated, but one thing is obvious, they are all familiar and relatable.

From Lolade waking up Sunday in the middle of the night for assistance in the Candy Crush game to the couple's constant fights over snoring, ex-girlfriends, food and more, "Sunday and Lolade" is packed with familiar and realistic scenarios.

However, while some of the skits offer laughs that come fast enough to make it enjoyable, others try hard but fail to evoke even a smile.

There are plenty of witty scenarios, but there is a problem. What's missing is a little bit of heart required to take away the blandness of some of the cliché scenarios.

Kiki Omeili and Yomi Black are perfect as the titular characters. Although they mostly make use of words, the essence of the humor still lies in their skilled command of body language. Even without speaking, the characters successfully evoke laughter with their expressions.

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"Sunday and Lolade" may not represent comedic cleverness, but overall, it is a trendsetting production that will be well-received by hardcore comedy lovers.

Speaking on his next production, Black said he is currently working on "Mama Sunday." The upcoming movie will feature Sunday's mother.

"If Sunday is like this, imagine how his mother will be," Black said.

"Sunday and Lolade" is currently showing in cinemas.