How much of a Nollywood fan were you 20 years ago? How well do you remember some of the classic movies that were released in 1996.

It's Friday, and we are 'flashing back' to the year 1996, which was without doubt a great movie year for Nollywood.

As we anxiously wait for 2016’s anticipated biggest blockbusters ("76," "The CEO"), let’s take a look back at several films turning the big 20 this year.

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Here we go;

1. Violated

A classic love story, the 1996 movie tells the story of Tega (Richard Mofe Damijo) from a wealthy background, who falls in love with Peggy (Ego Boyo), who is from a poor background.

After so much pressure from his mother (Joke Silva) who wanted him to marry a girl with a better class, they eventually get married, and their marriage is put to the test when hidden secrets unfolds and his ex-wife re-appears in his life.

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2. Domitila

The 1996 movie was produced by Zeb Ejiro, and told the story of young girls who went into prostitution to survive.

"Domitilla" starred Sandra Achums, Enebeli Enebuwa, Kate Henshaw, Basorge Tariah Jr, and Anne Njemanze.

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3. Hostages

Shot in 1991 but released in 1996, the movie revolves around a poor young man and his interest in the daughter of a wealthy chief. The movie starred Tope IdowuOfuafo OtomewoRichard Mofe DamijoBimbo Manuel, Lanre Balogun, Tunji Sotimirin and Zainab Buky Ajayi.

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4. Most Wanted

The movie was directed by Tunji Bamishigbin, who also directed the 1999 classic "Camouflage," and 2003"Contractors."

"Most Wanted" tells the story of four unemployed female graduates who failed at getting a job. They decide to try robbery. Disguising themselves as men, they carried out all operations swiftly.

The movie starred Regina Askia, Ibinabo Fiberisima, Ayo AdesanyaLiz Benson, Bob Maunue-Udokwo, Genevieve Nnaji and Antar Laniyan.


5. Silent Night

The 1996 movie earned Segun Arinze the name Black Arrow, and also starred Ramsey Noah, Joke Silva, Alex Usifo, Kate Henshaw and Emeka Ike.

The movie tells the story of a father who had to sentence his own son to death by firing squad. A privileged student in search of excitement joins a gang of armed robbers, believing that such action will alleviate his boredom.

Watch "Silent Night" below.