Do you get angry when movies that should go straight to DVD find their way to the cinema?

I recently saw a trailer for the movie, and then I learnd it was headed to the cinemas. Apart from the trailer being a horrible one, the bad acting wasn't lacking in the trailer.

How do movies like that find their way to the cinemas? While the movie could sell and set box office records with excessive promotion, the movie will be, without a doubt, a waste of money and time. This doesn't always necessarily mean the films in question are bad, but it's no guarantee of quality either.

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How then would people be allowed to spend over a 1500 naira on such movie? One without a powerful plot, laced with terrible acting skills, and horrible directing.

There are several movies that do not deserve to screen in cinemas. Either because of their terrible production, direction, acting, writing, a combination of all of those elements, or simply because there are not engaging enough for the cinema.

A cinema movie should be an experience. It should be entertaining. It should be well scripted. It should be one that leaves you thinking even after you have left the cinema. Ever heard a movie buff say things like, "there are movies  I can't watch in the cinema" "There are movies I can only watch in 3D ?  This is because some movies bring a certain level of fulfilment when watched rightly.

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Why take a movie to the cinema when it could head straight to video and probably still be an interesting watch for a bigger market?

I enjoyed watching "The Proposal" which starred Uche Jombo alongside Anthony Monjaro and Patience Ozokowr on DVD. It was an entertaining and well-scripted comedy movie, which would have done well in the cinemas and probably won some awards, but for some reasons, it found its way to the DVD market. Kunle Afolayan's "The CEO" is a brilliant film with a refreshingly engaging plot that delivers a fulfilling cinema experience, despite its flaws.

Movies like Elvis Chuks' "For the Wrong Reason," Lisa Omorodion's "First Cut," Rukky Sanda's "Dark," Yvonne Nelson's "Singles and Married" Emem Isong's "Champagne," "Diary of a Lagos Girl," "So in Love," among others, should not have made it to the cinema.

"Forgetting June," "Darima's Dilemma," Teco Benson's "Accident" among others were all enjoyed as DVD movies - a feeling that would not have been found in a cinema hall.

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This is not because these movies aren't good, but because they don't have what it takes to create a phenomenal cinema experience. A movie should not be forced on viewers simply because it is star-studded with the A-list actors or a high budget movie.

It is completely okay for movies with the big names to head straight to iRoko Tv or DVD.