African filmmaker cum actor,

In a recent interaction with the media, The CEO maker disclosed that he though he is open to working with anybody and everybody; he won’t compromise his standards just to make a movie.

In his words, “The first thing you need to understand is that I don't work the way most people work. It takes me two years to make a film, in fact, once I’m done shooting a movie, I start plans towards the shooting of the next movie.”

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Continuing, Afolayan said, ‘I have had offers and I have even had senior partners and colleagues wanting to work but directing isn't a child’s play. When we discuss, and you tell them this is the standard, they sometimes don’t call back or I just stand my ground that since I can’t compromise, I might as well back out.’

However, the Golden Effects boss hinted that he’s working with some topshots in the industry and will soon be viewed by the general public.

‘I'm open to it but I can't compromise several things and that is why I concentrate on my productions but will be doing things with some senior partners in the industry and we are working together on the bill of a cable channel. You will soon see a collaboration of efforts from me and other topshots in the industry,’ he said.

Kunle Afolayan is a popular filmmaker with five movies – ‘Irapada’ (2006), ‘The Figurine’ (2009), ‘Phone Swap’ (2012), ‘October 1’ (2014), ‘The CEO’ (2016) - to his credit as a filmmaker.

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