"Inspector K" is probably the one show that I struggled to watch from start to finish.

As bad as the first season of "On The Real" was, it wasn't this stressful to follow the web series.

A web series which tells the story of a 'wacky' inspector who tries to solve the murder of a top female blogger, Lisa Maye, at a house party, "Inspector K" is just too tiresome to follow.

When the trailer for "Inspector K" made its debut, we all thought we were in for a murder mystery that would take us on a Woody Allen kinda journey, laced with humour.

In the first episode, Ijeoma Aniebo effortlessly offers me my first eye-rolling moment with her forced and dramatic interpretation of the character, Lisa Maye.

The trailer for "Inspector K" teased a comedy series. Unfortunately, there was nothing funny about the series, unless the stress that comes with seeing each episode evokes laughter.

The lead actor Koye Kekere-Ekun is an Instagram star with hilarious clips. Unfortunately, the producers of the series fail to realize that acting for social media is different from acting for the screen.

In the first episode, the detective holds an interrogation session with his suspects. The audience is expected to be hooked as they try to figure out which of the interrogated boring characters is a cold-blooded killer.

The narrative is set up by a series of cross-cuts between present-day and past events as Inspector K and his assistants try to solve this murder mystery.

After five episodes, "Inspector K" comes to an end and the killer is revealed to be Babatunde Tokunbo, a cross-dresser, who we meet for the first time in episode five.

At the point, you probably ask yourself, 'what have I spent the last five weeks and my data on?"

Something went awry on "Inspector K" and I have a theory - Writers of the web series got stuck, their story ran out of gas.

That has to be the only explanation to such a boring resolution, which is a reminder of one of those amateur crime novels read decades ago.

With problems in the acting, production, dialogue and plotting, "Inspector K" was too stressful to watch.

Thank goodness it came to an end with an episode title that aptly describes the whole season - "I never experred it" -because, I never expected such a mind–numbing show.