Inspired by societal ills that have victimized almost every Nigerian,

Like most of his movies, “Good Home” focuses on one of the vices of the society, which has been ignored by a lot of people - Human Trafficking.

The filmmaker drives his message from the point of the role of the supposed entrepreneurs in this societal ill.

The plot of “Good Home” focuses on the CEO of a trucking company, who is acquitted during a high profile human trafficking case, but when he wants to go legitimate, his dodgy business partner does everything in his power to keep their arrangement going.

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The movie which was directed by Edward Uka and produced by Nelson Jombo under the Nelson Jombo Production, stars Seun Akindele, Okey Uzoeshi, Vincent Opurum, Maureen Okpoko, Eric Obinna, Nkechinyere Urum Jombo, Ejike Ibedilo and Laurel JE.

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Having worked as a co-producer with his award winning sister, Uche Jombo, Nelson Jombo released hi first movieundefinedin 2015, which also touched on some of the vices that pervades the society. Directed by Emmanuel Mang Eme the movie stars Alexx Ekubo, Eddie Watson, Belinda Effah, Daniella OkekeLaurel JE, Nkechinyere Urom Jombo and others.

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Following that, Nelson Jombo, moved on to produce “Espionage”, which had its plot revolving around the issues of cyber crime, money laundering and murder, which has, overtime, been a major issue in Nigeria, and by extension the world at large.

"Good Home" would be showing exclusively on Iroko TV, Irokoworld, Channel 23, and Channel 211 on Star Times.

Watch trailer below.