The new episode features Akah alongside Bolanle Olukanni. In this new episode, Akah invites Olukanni to be his date for dinner, and it's a hilarious conversation.

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Summary of episode by Akah;

With Maggi celebrating her 50th birthday, Fifty boxes were sent to influencers and celebrities who they wanted to share the wonderful moment with. Now the thing is, when you get your box, you're meant to make a meal with the content of whatever is in it, using Maggi and then share a picture of it on your social media platforms. However, Akah decided to go the whole nine yards and make a video out of it.In this video, Akah invites Bolanle Olukanni, to be his date for dinner. Its a hilarious conversation!Akah loves food but does not like being in the kitchen except to take food. In fact, he doesn't know how to cook! Not because he cant, (he's sure he can do anything) but because he doesn't give it attention, he's horrible at it now. He took up the challenge and thought it would be fun to do something he's never done before on his vlog.

The last episode of vlog featured Akah alongside Chef Fregz.