This has got to be the mother of all calling out Wizkid has received from his baby mamas as Shola Ogudu goes bizarre on social media, sharing private chat messages and calling him out again.

If you think you've read and heard enough of Wizkid's baby mama drama then please take a pause and go through the detailed chat conversation his baby mama, Sola Ogudu posted on her Instagram page on Thursday, September 20, 2018.

Let's allow you guys to be the judge and jury over the chat conversations between Sola and Wizkid and the fight for the upkeep of their son, Boluwatife. According to Sola, she decided to release these chat messages just to debunk the claims that she is just after the singer's money.

In one of the posted chats, Sola Ogudu went as far as trying to start a relationship between her son and Wizkid's last son, Zion through his mother Jada Pollock.

It is not clear why Sola Ogudu decided to share these private messages in the public eye but one thing is for sure, this is one drama that might not be ending anytime soon. It might be too early to get a response from Wizkid because the posts were released just a few hours ago.

It looks like Wizkid's disgruntled baby mamas are taking turns to call him out on a weekly bases as we can all recall that a few weeks ago, Binta Diallo, took to her Instagram page where she dragged him over his refusal to pay for his child's (Ayodeji) welfare.

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Wizkid's baby mama says she was begged by family from suing him

Binta Diallo who is Wizkid's second baby mama has revealed that she was begged by the singer's family from suing him to court so as to avoid immigration issues. The music star's baby mama recently shared documents pertaining to the custody and support of their son, Ayodeji jnr. In the documents, it was agreed that Wizkid would pay child support of $2000 monthly.

However, Binta revealed that since the agreement took effect in February 2018, she hasn't been able to get anything from Wizkid. Every move made to reach Wizkid through his lawyers have proved abortive as his legal team insists that they haven't been able to reach him.

She revealed that she has refused to sue him in court because his family members begged her so as to avoid him from having immigration issues. Binta didn't end it there, she took to her Instagram stories on Monday, September 10, 2018, where she posted a number of posts, calling Wizkid a deadbeat dad.