Tosyn Bucknor, the popular on-air personality who works at Top Radio 90.9 presenter is in a lane by herself. She is the only female radio presenter in Nigeria who handles a morning show by herself.

She is also a singer that has worked with acts such as Skales, Rooftop MCs and Eva, as well as producers like Coldflames, Knighthouse, Micworx and Cobhams.

Telling her own #MySuperStarStory she revealed she was born in a taxi while her mum was on her way to visit a friend.

She also said that after finishing school and getting her dream job however, her radio career almost ended prematurely because she was always giggling on air. She recounted that at a point, someone wrote a newspaper article saying that Top Radio will never succeed unless “the girl who is always giggling” is taken off air. Her boss also revealed that several people wanted him to take her off air.

Tosyn Bucknor further revealed that what kept her going was hard work and hours spent perfecting what she did until she eventually became successful and her dreams started to come true.