Shes definitely becoming! Many would agree that

Although she's always been a slayer, there's something about new found love or knowledge of self that adds that extra glow.

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The TV host shared the new photos via her Instagram page on Monday, November 14, sharing some words of wisdom alongside them.

She captioned one of the snaps, "Monday Motivation... sometimes we go thru things that have nothing to do with us, we go thru these things and survive so that other people who will go thru the same things will use us as yardsticks to survive. Almost like if he/she went thru hell and come out stronger; I can and I will and that's the end of it. Don't give up, someone somewhere is looking to you for inspiration to fight their demons."

Since turning 32, Makinwa has shown new layers to her thick skin and tells her fans all about it in her newly released memoir, 'On Becoming'.

The book will be available from November 28, 2016, in bookstores across Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, United Kingdom and the United States.

Meanwhile, the OAP who has had the hardest year following the collapse of her marriage, has a new flame and seems to have moved on from all the anger and pain considering her reaction to ex-husband, Maje Ayida's presence at her surprise birthday party.

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We guess it's safe to say that Toke Makinwa we know is back and definitely better.