Tensions have risen in the camp of the Kardashians over rapper, Tyga, who reportedly missed a court date prompting a US judge to order his arrest.

According to TMZ, the family are worried that such scandal could ruin their brand especially if Kylie Jenner, who is dating the rapper is found with him at the time.

They made this known through a phone conversation where they told him avoiding a court date was irresponsible.

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Reports has it that Tyga allegedly refused to make a payment of $480,000 to his landlord after it was disclosed in a law suit that he mismanaged a rented apartment.

The 'Rag city' rapper however had no problem purchasing a brand new car worth $200,000 for his girlfriend.

This has angered the landlord, who feels the money should have been channelled into fulfilling the court order instructing him to make the payment.

The rapper now has everything under control, as a lawyer has been sent in to amend the situation, TMZ reports.