Now, fans are questioning how she added so much junk to her trunk. Was it squats, or shots?

There's no denying that Taylor’s butt was definitely bigger and perkier than it’s been in the past. The country/Pop star is known for being a gorgeous woman with no big booty, and that’s totally okay! But it seems like she wasn’t as okay with it as we were, because she’s made a major transformation!

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Fans jumped on Twitter coming up with several possible theories as to how she pulled a booty out of thing air! Some say she may be wearing butt pads – the same thing Kylie Jenner once claim she was wearing. However, many fans would prefer that to  a butt lift or implants!

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However, some Swifties rushed to her defense, insisting that Taylor must have been adding a few more squats to her workouts. This could totally be true, because pics of Taylor leaving a gym have flooded the internet lately. Was the result too quick for that dramatic of a difference?