Just a month shy of Piers Morgan defending and branding Taylor Swift a fantastic example of what every young woman should strive to be, the TV personality has slammed Taylor Swift over her feud with Kanye West.

Recall that the journalist defended Taylor last month, writing, "My response to Kim Kardashian and all the other poisonous, green-eyed monsters out there currently trying to tear down Taylor Swift is simple: back off you sad, pathetic, envy-ridden people." But after Kim Kardashian released a clip on Snapchat yesterday, July 17, 2016, showing her husband Kanye talking to the star, Piers seems to have had a change of heart.

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Morgan was a guest on Talking on Good Morning Britain, where he said, "Can we rename her Pinocchio Swift? I feel completely conned! Unfortunately, it's that moment you get exposed for little porkie pies, Miss Swift. I wanted to believe in you, Taylor."

Turning to co-host Susannah Reid, he added, "I wrote a whole column about how she was a shining example. Now I have to look at myself and say you were conned, Piers."

A new episode of '' aired last week and Kim Kardashian blasted Taylor Swift  for feigning ignorance about the notorious line on Kanye West's song 'Famous'.  "I've had it with people blatantly treating my husband a certain way and making him look a certain way. I'm gonna say how I feel" said Kim Kardashian.

Seems like Kim K had it up to here with Taylor Swift always playing the victim.