Nollywood actress Shan George says she is still in shock from her car accident that happened on October 26.

Shan George was on her way to Lagos from Calabar when a salon car rammed at her car at Abakpa Roundabout/Onitsha Road.

Speaking at the Nigerian Broadcasters Merit Awards, the actress said she is surprised how she did not sustain any major injury.

“Nigerians are really wonderful people, abandoned their businesses as to help out at the accident scene. The traffic department of police in Enugu handled the case very well and we are all good.

“My car is already being fixed as I recuperate from the shock. I’m begging Federal government to fix interstates roads” she said.

Shan George went on to reveal that flying makes her sick, and she prefers driving. “Some of us hate flying, I vomit whenever I’m in a plane, also, driving is my passion” she revealed.

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