Rob Kardashian has revealed that his forthcoming wedding with Blac Chyna will not be televised for an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians despite him

While waiting for an Uber - since his driving license was suspended for driving to Texas to rescue Chyna from jail - Kardashian said his priority is to be happy not be popular.

"I'm not televising anything...I'm really just trying to be happy, that's all," Rob told TMZ, before adding that his famous family approves… "Everybody's happy."

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We earlier reported that Rob has been looking happier than he's been a year ago since hooking up with Chyna and dropping his oversize weight. He's lost over 40 pounds from his 240 lbs in 2013 but wants to drop more [to 200 lbs] by May 11.

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However, he was spotted taking a bite or two of New York  pizza while in Manhattan last week. But he told the press,  "It's cool. I cheat. I'm a cheater," Kardashian admitted, grinning.