Your favourite singer, Rihanna was recently spotted chilling with her boyfriend but it looked like they were having a fight.

According to DailyMail the couple while on holiday at Puerto Vallarta, Mexico where spotted having a heated argument. In the photos shared online, Rihanna is seen pointing her fingers at her billionaire boyfriend, Hassan Jameel.

Hassan, 29, was pictured explaining something to the Grammy winner and defensively gestured towards his chest as Rihanna pointed her finger in his direction. Obviously, there is trouble in paradise and it is not clear what these guys were arguing about.

It would be recalled that in June 2018, it was reported that the award-winning singer had grown tired of her billionaire boyfriend hence ending things with him. It is not clear what the status of their relationship is at the moment but this is definitely a developing story.

Just a few months ago we were all shocked when we got to learn that Rihanna was in a relationship with Saudi billionaire, Hassan Jameel and it looked like the 30-year-old singer had gotten to the final bus stop!

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Rihanna spotted with boyfriend in Paris

Back in January 2018, Rihanna was spotted in Paris with billionaire boyfriend and heir to Saudi business empire, Hassan Jameel. The couple was seen at an upscale hotel apartment over the weekend while away on a romantic getaway. The two were spotted from the balcony of the hotel where they were staying.

Rihanna looked beautiful even with no makeup while Hassan was all smiles as they cut a glimpse of the cameras.