Nigerian rapper, Remilekun Abdulkalid Safaru popularly known as Reminisce says he got to know his family better after he took a break from music.

The music star made this known during an exclusive interview with Pulse on Friday, July 24, 2020.

According to him, he went on a break for almost two years, to get close to his children, know them better, and try his hands on new things.

"That one and a half year I got to know my children better, spend more time with my family. I was always home. Then I wasn't releasing music and a lot of people were like Reminisce...I was okay. I was just playing games, getting to know my children. For like two months now I only speak Yoruba to my children," he said.

Just like several celebrity kids who have taken after their parents, Reminisce's children are threading towards that direction.

Reminisce says he took a break from the music industry to try his hands on new things [Instagram/IamReminisce]
Reminisce says he took a break from the music industry to try his hands on new things [Instagram/IamReminisce]

"My first daughter plays the keyboard," he said. However, Reminisce says he played a major role in influencing his daughter's interest in playing the keyboard.

Since the coronavirus pandemic crippled a lot of social activities around the world, many people including celebrities have been busy with newfound habits.

Reminisce runs six kilometres with his wife every night. The aim is to be slim like music star, 9ice.

Curiously, he doesn’t have the urge to smoke at this time, but he misses smoking and drinking. Everyone around him smokes and drinks.

The music star says even though he grew up in a polygamous family, sticking with his wife and kids is a major goal for him.

Reminisce (Instagram/Reminisce)
Reminisce (Instagram/Reminisce)

"I gave up vanity and the superstar life to focus on my family because I didn’t want to be a polygamist like my dad."

Reminisce is married with two daughters, Hafusa and Fatimah.