Skales who has been active since 2009 is one of the hottest music acts in Nigeria.

After years of setbacks, he released his debut album which has been successfully accepted by fans and music critics.

He has just dropped a video 'Lo Le' from the album, and he is set to end the year on a high note.

1) What is Skales' real name?

a) Raoul Njeng-Njeng

b) Raul Gonzalez

c) James Rodrigo

d) Skalo

2) His first popular single is called _________

a) Komole

b) Mukulu

c) Heading For A Grammy

d) Look At You

3) Skales is currently signed to _________

a) Get Down

b) Baseline Music

c) EME

d) Kennis Music

4) Skales biggest hit is _________

a) Shake Body

b) No No No

c) Bad Guy

d) Leave Me Alone

5) Which University did Skales graduate from?

a) University of Ibadan

b) University of Lagos

c) Lagos State University

d) Lead City University


1) A, 2) C, 3) B, 4) A, 5) D

Watch Pulse YTV video for his performance with Emma Nyra.