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Wizkid is a talented act. From the streets of Ojuelegba he is now rubbing shoulders with some of the world’s finest musical acts, Drake, Chris Brown and Skepta. Last summer he was in the studio with Chris Martin of Cold Play penning a record for Rihanna.

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The pop star has achieved a lot in his glittering career. However for all of his success Wizkid still acts unrefined and unaware of his position in the game. At this point Wizkid is a boss who shouldn't be dragging words with a blogger who posted an unbalanced story about him. He loses his head whenever Linda Ikeji writes about him.

After Linda Ikeji wrote that he had been served with a quit notice, Wizkid wrote “All those shoes and bags still won't help you keep a good man! U and ur laptop will stay married for life! That’s why my director fucked u and left your ass in the hotel Cos ur pussy stinks!”

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This is just sad coming from a top star like Wizkid, as a matter of fact no man should say this about a woman. The pop star slams Linda Ikeji for not having a man or husband at her age. Hmmm...when are we going to move past this in our society? It’s sad to think that Wizkid who should represent a new wave of thinking for young people in the country is still stuck in the patriarchal way of thinking. In Nigeria he might get away with this type of thinking but for a star who is getting some attention abroad this type of comments will end up biting him in the ass.

He also mentions that one of his music video directors allegedly sex with Linda Ikeji. In that statement he says something very unpleasant about the blogger’s lady parts. In a saner climate Wizkid’s female fan base would have shrunk considerably.

Wizkid’s need proper handling. Those around him need to manage him better. He can’t be saying reckless things like this. The singer should stop running about like a spoilt brat and man up.

I am not saying Wizkid does not have the right to vent. He has the right to but he should do it in a better way. He is a singer. If he wants to take shots he should do it on a song. Great artistes speak about the criticisms they face on their songs. Great and classic records are created like this. Ranting like a little kid is beneath Wizkid’s status.

He can’t afford to be petty right now or it will be used against me. People will take shots at him waiting for him to pounce when he says the wrong thing.

Wizkid should stop being petty. If he doesn’t, he will pay for it dearly one day.