Thanks to the Nigerian Police Force for

Kudos must be given to our fine officers for coming up with a peace deal between two rich celebs with a lot of time on their hands. This is surely one of the ways in which they battle crime in Lagos state.

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According to Dolapo Badmos, the P.R.O of the Lagos State Police Command Wizkid’s threat was criminal in nature, but the pair were able to resolve their misunderstanding through an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).

Brilliant work from the police men. The way they handled the situation shows how effective they have been in dealing with crime in the state. Applause to the crime fighters. As a result of their success in handling the Linda Ikeji/Wizkid issue I would like to make a little suggestion. I think, rather I believe that the Nigerian Police Force should set up a celebrity division.

The Celebrity Division should be created to stop beef between entertainers, celebrities and singers. In 2016 we have had a huge outbreak of celebrity beef unlike we have ever witnessed. Something has to be done drastically before bottles are broken or acid thrown at someone’s face.

Since the Nigerian Police Force has battled crime to the lowest of levels they can now focus their time and energy in settling beef between celebrities. The success story of the Linda Ikeji and Wizkid beef proves that they are more than capable in doing this.

If the Celebrity Division had existed in January then they would have settled the beef betweenOlamide and Don Jazzy before our billionaire Aliko Dangote stepped in. Dangote has better things to do with his time than settle things between two entertainers. That should be left for the Nigerian Police Force who are now more focused on entertainment affairs than maintaining law and order in the society.

I see that the NPF is already thinking this way. Dipping into world of celebrities, it has appointed singer Korede Bello and actress Moji Olaiya as its ambassadors.

What does a police ambassador do? No one knows but we definitely know that they are important, more important than dealing with cases or rape and domestic violence.

No as a matter of fact the NPF should create its own music label and movie production house since it is so concerned with what celebrities do or don’t do and have forgotten about their primary roles.

See more about the Police in video below.